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Welcome to our takeaway and delivery menu in Colombo, Sri Lanka!

We are delighted to conveniently bring you our finest barbeque, menu options and favorites right to your doorstep.

You can trust us for quality as we limit the orders we serve, have a stress-free kitchen and list ingredients transparently.


Fire up your taste buds with our mouthwatering BBQ options.

From succulent grilled meats to grilled corn cups, our BBQ menu is perfect for those who enjoy smoky flavors and tender bites.


We have hearty soups, baked goods, fried items, cooked options, sauces and even whole meals for you to indulge.

Our foods are made with the finest ingredients which we list. Optional items in italics are harder to source: we use when available.

Our international favorites are shared.


We have the best coffee in the world, freshly squeezed juices, seasonal fruit offerings (durians or mangos) and sweets.


We love the people who love our food. Our food lover loyalty is worth checking out. You can earn, save and get free items.

All you have to do is register with us, use the code on the bill we send you and we will give you points as our partner.

So Why Wait?

Ordering from our take-away and delivery menu is easy: Just look around, find what you like, and place your order.

We will take care of the rest and ensure that your food is delivered to you promptly and safely through our delivery partner.

Bon appétit!