When you buy food from us, we present a bill of sale. In this bill, there is an order number. We use this to verify and register you.

We save your details, such as name, address, telephone, survey info on preferences and bank details on our food lover records.

If your family or friends who reside with you in your home are okay with it, we can link your accounts, so whenever one of you place an order, you will accumulate points for all rather than as individuals.

We calls customers who register with us as “partner customers”, whereas the unregistered ones are “guest customers”.

You might as well register once as you get free points automatically for life.

1. Earn

We deposit 10% of what you pay for food products to your bank as a reward for customer loyalty.

You will be paid your partner share directly to your bank for orders you help place by claiming the bill.

If customers you bring to us, so choose out of gratitude: you earn a lifetime percentage every time they make a purchase.

If you are a registered customer, we will pay you if you order.

When you leave us or request to delete details, we convert and deposit rewards into your bank and delete your data.

2. Save

You can use your rewards to lower or discount the price of products.

These can possibly be stacked or added up, they may also be used outside our delivery partner discounts.

However we do have maximum discounts which we do not exceed to help our delivery partner with cash flow (wages, fuel, etc).

3. Free Items

We are happy to provide free items to your order, with the points you have, such as coffee or goods.

Either you may redeem points or we will reward you by depositing excess points in your bank.

You might rarely notice free items in your order as loyalty gifts.

We could send a free order if we wish with our own delivery riders.

We may give luxury goods, speciality products, extra special treatment, exclusive dining or invitations to our top customers.