Lehan Edirisinghe, Founder

Lehan is passionate about food, but he’s also particular about quality.

With business education from Singapore and the UK, he’s now running for president of Sri Lanka under the Vote Lehan platform.

By supporting AngryPages, you’re contributing to our democracy, liberty and independence campaign aimed at improving the lives of our people.

This is a good social cause.

We believe in the values of freedom, prosperity, and justice, and we ensure that these principles are reflected in the taste of our food.

Lehan holds 51% of voting shares and 25% of stocks at AngryPages.

Jonathan Hirshon, Deputy Chair

Jonathan shares Lehan’s passion for food but expresses it through cooking.

He’s known for his online recipe collection, The Food Dictator, which inspires some of our dishes.

With a background in technology, privacy advocacy, and journalism, and having reported personally to Steve Jobs for Apple’s PR: Jonathan now serves as Lehan’s personal publicist.

He owns 49% of voting stock, receives 25% of our profits, and prefers to maintain anonymity in today’s digital age.

AngryPages Partners

We believe in sharing our success with those who contribute to it.

Fifty percent of our profits go to our investors, managers, and employees, including those customers enrolled in our Rewards program.

By investing in AngryPages, employees become psychological and financial stakeholders in our success, receiving a fairer share of our profits and enjoying favorable working conditions.

Investing With Us

Interested in investing with us?

While we welcome all investments, we primarily offer “Opex Stocks” for partners investing over $10,000.

These stocks function like redeemable bank loans, providing competitive returns on investment; unlike stock exchange gambling!

To invest, you’ll need a referral, approval from partners, and a known public reputation as an individual or company.

Joining Our Team

We hire selectively to attract and retain the best talent.

Our employees enjoy competitive pay, a share of profits, recognition for their efforts, and flexible work arrangements.

By limiting daily food orders, we ensure our staff avoid burnout and stress, allowing them to go home early.

To join our team, send your job request letter and CV to

We look forward to considering you for a career with AngryPages!